The Booking Success Process

The Booking Success Process

After many years of working with different hotels and resorts, we've gathered together the 3 simple steps to increase your direct bookings and reduce your OTA commissions.
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Attract your Ideal Guests

Attract your Ideal Guests

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we will positively affect the visibility of your website or webpage in unpaid search results. This will improve your organic search position, meaning that when someone searches for your brand name, you will appear higher and higher in the search results as time goes by.

When writing content for your visitors, it is important to take into account what they are actually interested in or searching for. We will execute a keyword research together with you to find out what your visitors want to know. Once we know this, we can help you create content that directly relates to their interests while building trust with them at the same time.

Once we've defined your ideal guest, it's time to find them online. With Facebook, we can help you create a specific audience based on age, location, demographics and behavior. We'll create ads that speak to the specific audience we are targeting, leading them to your website where they can find out more about you.

Google wants to make sure that their users get the most relevant information to match their search intent. Local listings ensure you exist online. This gives potential guests the information they need to decide whether your hotel fits their needs and preferences. The simplest way to start is by claiming all local business listings like your Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook page. The information on these pages must be consistent and correct.

Google automatically creates a business listing based on the information they can find about your business online. To make changes on your business listing, the first step is to claim the business. A Google My Business profile can easily help improve the first impression someone gets from your hotel. If you have great pictures, good reviews and accurate information, there’s no stopping new visitors from booking with you.

Google Ads is a powerful way to reach your potential guests. Together with you, we will set up several campaigns ranging from Search Ads to Display Ads or even Video Ads. By using the right combination of keywords, landing pages and ad content, we can create ads that bring you more while costing you less.

Engage them with the right content

Engage them with the right content

Once we've narrowed down your ideal guests, it's time to pan out their journey. How do they first interact with your hotel? How many times do they interact with your hotel before booking? What are possible hurdles that may keep them from booking with you? When creating a customer journey map, all these points and more will be defined per type of guest.

Multi-Channel Funnels are there to help you figure out which sequences of interactions lead to the most conversions and transactions. By testing out different strategies and adjusting as we go, we will define which strategies work best so we can focus on that one more. A Multi-Channel Funnel report will include referral sites, social networks, paid search, organic search and email newsletters your visitors are coming from.

Chances are, your website's visitors are among the 2 billion people using Facebook every day. Facebook is a great channel for retargeting. Retargeting means: Re-engaging previous website visitors with your website through advertisements on other channels like Facebook. Once you've set up your Facebook Ad Account, we'll help you create a Facebook pixel and install this on your website. After this quick installation, a 'cookie' will be placed on your visitor's browser, which will help us recognize your visitors when they're browsing Facebook so we can show your ads to them at that moment.

Just like Facebook retargeting, Google Ads provides the possibility to create campaigns that target previous website visitors with image, text or video ads. These campaigns provide you with extra settings and reports specifically for reaching previous visitors and users. 

Once we have a list of keywords that your potential guests are searching for, we can create a content strategy to help you engage your potential guests from the moment they start researching their next getaway up until the moment they arrive at your hotel and even after they leave. By writing articles that directly relate to their needs and interlinking other articles, your website will soon turn into 'the' place to find information for the duration of their stay.

Convert them into direct bookings

Convert them into direct bookings

People searching for your hotel directly by brand name are most likely ready or almost ready to book. This is the moment where you want them to book through your website instead of an OTA. With Branded Keyword Advertising, we can help your ads appear in the top search results, making it more likely for a visitor to visit your website and finalizing their booking there.

If you want to increase your direct bookings, it's extremely important to have a conversion-optimized website. This means that your website should lead the visitor through the booking process in a smooth and bump-free flow. We can help you build a website equipped with a headache-free booking system and position your content in a way we can positively influence your direct bookings. 

Aside from being easy to navigate for the visitor, your booking engine has to be connected to a channel manager that makes it easy for you to have control over your resources. Your channel manager should be the motor of your hotel providing you with all information in regards to available rooms, maintenance, specials, arriving guests, departing guest and so much more. We can help you select the booking engine that is right for your size and type of hotel.

We will install an OTA Price Checker on your website, making it easy for visitors to see the prices on different OTA websites compared to your website. With this price checker tool, visitors won't have to browse away from your website. When visitors see that the prices do not differ that much or that they receive extra benefits when booking directly, they will be more likely to book directly through your website. 

Integrating microdata into your website's code offers many advantages. The main advantage is the possibility to display more details about a specific page in a Google Search result. Microdata gives Search Engine spiders more context in regards to the type of information of a webpage, making it possible to display more relevant information than just your page title and description.

The power of reviews is not to be underestimated. Whether good or bad, they can have major impact on your hotel. 80% of hotel visitors make their final decision based on reviews. If your hotel has no or only bad reviews, a potential guest is more likely to choose a different hotel instead. Make it a habit to ask your guests to leave a review before they depart. This will help you find out what guests think about your hotel and it will also make them feel like their opinion is valued.

Are you ready to stop paying all that commission to OTA's and take your direct bookings to the next level?