Why Poorly Designed Ads Will Cost your Hotel a Fortune

Why Poorly Designed Ads Will Cost your Hotel a Fortune

Ads have been a part of everyone's lives since we can remember, whether people are conscious of it or not. If there are consumers, there is advertising. With hotel web marketing and digital advertising being as big as it is today, it is important to identify the good ads from the bad ones and know the disadvantages that poorly designed ads can bring.

Design is more than decoration. It’s a form of visual communication and an investment in your business. It’s about delivering an authentic message that connects you with your audience allowing them to better identify with your brand or business.

The Cost of Bad Ads

According to research that was conducted in an effort to better understand the impact that poorly designed advertisements have on users, the economic cost of bad ads or irritating ads is about .153 cents each. At the same time, your bad ads prevent sales as consumers will not choose to patronize your brand because they find an advert to be distasteful.

Brand association refers to deep-seated emotions and attitudes that a customer has towards a company or establishment. If a negative association is created due to poorly done advertising, this can lead to bad publicity and hurt your hotel's brand.

Effective Ads

When creating ads, it's important to make sure that the message that you are creating aligns with the beliefs, opinions, and feelings of your target audience. Doing so will help customers to associate your brand with things that they already appreciate or enjoy.

Successful digital ads make sense in the content and location where they are placed. These ads look professional and are easy to understand. Great ads don't overtly disrupt the consumer's browsing experience in an intrusive or annoying way and are well targeted as well as relevant. They're clear about what's being offered, so people don't feel tricked.

More importantly, great digital ads give people a clear choice: to play the video, to close the pop-up, to click on a clear call-to-action. When consumers feel like they made a choice to opt in, they'll take the content of your ad more seriously.

Good design drives conversions

Most people online are very visual consumers. Professionally-done and aesthetically pleasing ads stand out and get traction. A well-done design will underscore the message that you hope to convey. This links to the importance of design in branding and the power of design to drive home a message and evoke a response. Great design helps you speak to your prospects in a memorable way, and it stands the best chance of getting your campaign noticed.