The Cost of an Unhappy Hotel Guest and How to Mitigate This

The Cost of an Unhappy Hotel Guest and How to Mitigate This

It only takes one bad experience to create a negative dent on your hotel's progress and reputation. What may seem like a harmless complaint can make huge ripples if it isn't resolved professionally and adequately. Guests who share negative experiences on social media and hotel review websites now have a wider reach making you lose a large number of potential customers as well as your establishment's credibility.

As travel consumers' expectations continue to grow, it is important that hoteliers and staff be receptive, attentive, empathetic and proactive throughout the guest's hotel experience beginning with the booking process up until they check out. All it takes is a little dissatisfaction to send your guest straight to your competitor so it is more important than ever to make sure your guests are happy every step of the way.

Resolving customer complaints and responding to negative reviews can be a little tricky and always has a risk of sounding defensive. The most effective strategy in dealing with guest complaints in hotels is to be sincere and humble.

Our 5 tips below will guide you on how to handle an unsatisfied guest. These are applicable to both confrontational complaints as well as bad reviews:

1. Stay Calm

Although it's difficult to keep your cool when a guest is screaming at your face, or if the negativie review left seems exaggerated or even a complete fabrication, you must remember to stay calm. Be in control  though, a calm, measured approach to the situation.

2. Show Concern

Being dismissive or nonchalant with irate guests only makes matters worse.Listen to their concerns and be sympathetic throughout, if they can see you are genuinely troubled about their complaint, this should help to calm them down.

3. Establish What The Problem Is

Clearly define what the issue is and why the guest is upset. Let them know that you're making note of this and will bring their concerns to higher management if necessary. This shows that positive action is being taken without overpromising impossible results.

4. Give them feedback

If you can fix the issue by offering a positive solution, do it right away. If the problem is a more complex and it will take a little time to resolve, tell the guest and try to give them an accurate time scale without providing them with false hope.

5. Follow Up

Make sure that you see every complaint through from beginning to end. Follow up the complaint and check if it has been resolved then contact the guest to see if they are satisfied with the outcome.

Truly listening to your unhappy customer can generate the most pleasant outcome possible if handled correctly. A guest's unpleasant experience and complaint shouldn't be the end of your customer service. Extending your services to making sure the problem is eradicated speaks louder about your professionalism and dedication than any negative review.