The Best Way to Find Quality Influencers for Your Hotel

The Best Way to Find Quality Influencers for Your Hotel

Influencer marketing has fast evolved into an effective and profitable marketing channel for brands all over the world. This is a great way to get your brand in front of your target audience with a more authentic voice. However, this marketing strategy only works if you find the right influencers to represent your hotel. For example, if you are a family-friendly all-inclusive resort, trendy travel industry influencers who are young, unattached and go on rugged trails may not attract the right crowd for your brand despite having a huge following.

There are four main aspects to look for when finding the best hospitality influencers for your establishment:

1. Relevance

It is important to examine a potential influencer’s personal brand before choosing him or her. Make sure it is in alignment with yours. Aesthetic and tone of voice, values, and lifestyle, should all fit with your hotel’s brand identity in order for the result to appear natural, and therefore be more effective.

2. Engagement

The level of organic interactions an influencer receives on their posts is a good indication of whether an influencer can deliver a return on your investment. An influencer’s engagement rate can also be used to set a benchmark to determine success or failure for your influencer marketing campaign as it shows how responsive their audience is to their content.

3. Reach

This pertains to the size of an influencer's audience (followers). A larger reach means there are more opportunities for people to see the content, therefore a better opportunity to spread brand awareness. However, it is important to consider that followers and traffic are only meaningful if the influencer is reaching your target audience.

4. Authenticity

At the end of the day, authenticity is what makes influencers influential to their audience. Trust is the main foundation of this sort of marketing strategy and therefore, authenticity needs to be a top priority on both sides of the coin.

Having these four details in mind, finding the right influencers for your hotel will just be a quick internet search away.

Choose keywords that are relevant to your targeted audience on platforms such as Instagram and look through the top results. There are also influencer search databases available online. Various companies can assist you in locating and contacting the right influencers for your hotel's brand such as  GroupHigh and Cision. These tools can list influencers by subject or network, and show the numbers of followers, along with a range of other metrics. Once a list of likely candidates has been selected, their platforms should be checked to ensure that the tone and style suits the hotel’s image.

Finding the right influencers for your hotel can not only lower the cost of advertising, but it also produces a higher reach and conversion rate than some, more traditional, marketing methods. With countless studies online supporting the effectiveness of these practices, working with influencers makes perfect commercial sense.

Final tip: Influencer marketing is just a small piece of the puzzle. Download our 25 point hotel marketing checklist to find out which critical pieces of this puzzle you are missing.