How to Keep Your Hotel’s Brand Consistency At A High Quality

How to Keep Your Hotel’s Brand Consistency At A High Quality

Having a strong brand for your hotel has a lot to do with establishing a good relationship with your target audience. An instant and long-lasting connection between you and your consumer should be the end result of successful hotel branding. To help you achieve this, we have listed five helpful tips below.

1. Build A Strong Corporate Identity

Corporate identity plays a large role in building awareness of your hotel. This includes your logo design, typography, photos, and anything else visual that is associated with your establishment. Repeating the house style again and again on your own website, hotel reseller site and crucially one to one emails helps build up messages in customers’ minds over the course of time. Consistency is essential to your brand identity because it helps to increase the ability of consumers to remember you, and stimulates their recall and recognition abilities.

2. Avoid Brand Inconsistency

Branding inconsistency is one of the fastest ways you can break trust with your market. For example, if someone was referred to your hotel because of your modern and top of the line facilities, yet when they go to your website it’s outdated, has your old logo on it and the website barely functions, you will lose the trust of that potential guest. Consistency in your branding on all of your marketing materials will build trust with your audience and give them confidence that you can follow through on your promises.

3. Create A Solid Brand Strategy

It is important to increase brand consistency and quality by creating a solid brand strategy. This ensures that you won't always have to compete on price alone. Many hoteliers, hotel investors, and private equity firms may not realize the true value of a brand. However, just like any business – a hotel can benefit from the basic principles found in a brand strategy.

4. Create A Strong Narrative

Create a strong narrative for your hotel. Everyone loves a good story. They lead to a better understanding, trust, comprehension, receptivity, and more. Unlike facts and statistics, a story engages both the brain and the body, eliciting emotional responses, which people are more strongly attracted to.

5. Share Guest Satisfaction

Another important thing is to encourage satisfied guests to promote your hotel’s brand as far as possible without being pushy. Guests who take photos at your hotel often share their experiences, allowing people to view your hotel through the eyes of their peers, which is a wonderful organic channel for traffic.

Creating, implementing and consistently re-evaluating your branding strategy can seem like a daunting task. However, if done right, your brand will become your hotel's most valuable asset. And ultimately, branding remains an essential element in any hotel's success.

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