How To Increase Your Hotel's Sales During The Holiday Season

How To Increase Your Hotel's Sales During The Holiday Season

Celebrate the holidays with sales like never before!

The holidays are a busy time for hotels. Guests usually have their bookings months in advance and it is said that over 110 million Americans travel for the holidays every year. This massive wave of travelers annually represents a golden opportunity for your hotel to embrace the holiday sales and marketing surge.

In this article, we're giving you some important tips on how to increase your sales during the holiday season.

1. Utilize nostalgia and positive emotions

The holidays evoke all sorts of emotions from guests and travelers and feelings of nostalgia can strongly influence holiday buying behavior. To capitalize on this, your hotel needs to position its campaign strategy as festive, and need to tap into the meaning behind the season for your core audience.

Keep your messaging light and happy, and double-down on all things jolly to bring in the holiday crowds. Simple additions like holiday flowers in your lobby, festive music playing in the background, and warm drinks on offer in the bar can create feelings of nostalgia and begin to get guests in a festive mood.

2. Create holiday deals

Seasonal promos and offers that are "holiday only" creates a need for guests to avail because of the fear of missing out. This is similar to sales closing techniques where features or services are taken away “to save money”, only for customers to realize they really want the whole package. Let your guests see that by availing your promos, they get a great offer but only for a limited time.

3. Build anticipation ahead of the holiday

Make your hotel part of the holiday anticipation by including a holiday countdown escalating deals as the holiday approaches or mystery deals and content that are revealed each day. This generates buzz along with associating your property with happy holiday anticipation.

4. Create a local holiday events guide

Personalize your guest's experience by creating special guides that match the holiday season. Tell your guests about local holiday activities, events, and gifts. Include details about opening times, pricing, transportation, and how far the activity is from your property. 

With these proven tips and tricks, your establishment will be ready to celebrate the holidays with sales like never before!