How to Have Fun Executing your Influencer Strategy

How to Have Fun Executing your Influencer Strategy

By now, any good marketer should know the importance and relevance of influencer marketing in today's branding world. The influencer marketing industry has significantly grown over the past couple of years and companies big or small all over the world have been utilizing this marketing strategy to elevate their brands.

The influencer strategy uses emotional triggers based on trust to be able to persuade the consumer to patronize a certain product or establishment. Influencers, in essence, are able to build this kind of trust with their audience because they market themselves as regular people who are simply "living their best lives" and giving reviews and recommendations along the way.

However, repetitive posts and recycled content can get tired and receive less engagement. In order to keep your influencer strategy fresh and fun, here are some tips to employ to help hold your audience's interest and keep the engagement going.

1. Maximize your social media platform features

Instagram currently holds the title for the biggest social media platform for influencers. What used to be just a simple photo-sharing app has now launched several features to diversify the way its users share information such as Instagram stories, IG Live and IGTV.

Video sharing on Instagram has created a more casual and approachable tone for influencers. By simply talking about your hotel and directly addressing the audience, followers become part of the influencer's journey experiencing your hotel's services.

2. Tell a story

A picture paints a thousand words but having a strong creative caption under the picture creates a better connection with the audience. Allow your influencers to share the story of their experience with your hotel as genuinely as possible. This ignites a more positive response from audiences rather than having them post a paid advert. Authenticity goes a long way in influencer marketing.

3. Explore sponsored posts and giveaways

Giveaways and contests are always fun. Having an influencer create a contest sponsored by your hotel is a great way to build brand awareness and facilitate some lighthearted competition amongst your audience.


The influencer marketing strategy isn't only effective, it is also a creative approach to reaching your audience and building a strong online presence. By approaching it in a fun and creative way, the possibilities for your brand's reach will be endless.

Final tip: Influencer marketing is just a small piece of the puzzle. Download our 25 point hotel marketing checklist to find out which critical pieces of this puzzle you are missing.