How To Get Great Reviews Through Guest Satisfaction

How To Get Great Reviews Through Guest Satisfaction

As hotel operators, it is vital to understand that catering to customer needs and expectations are crucial in running a successful business. Customer satisfaction in the hotel industry should be a top priority at any hotel property, whether you are managing a large chain of corporate hotels or you operate an intimate establishment in a quiet location.

The guest experience at your property is going to resonate far beyond the duration of their stay. Here are four simple ways your can ensure that your guests have fun and give great reviews.

1. Personalize Hotel Guest Experience

Get to know your guests during the booking process. Find out why they've decided to book a stay in your hotel. For instance, if you have a couple that is celebrating their anniversary at your hotel, consider leaving a bottle of champagne or chocolate covered strawberries for them upon arrival. Even something as small as leaving a token welcome gift in each room with the guests name on it or offering free refreshments in the lobby can make your guests feel special and start off their stay on a positive note. These are small yet meaningful gestures that are easy to look over but are very highly appreciated.

2. Communicate Prior Arrival

You can set the tone for the guest's stay and get helpful information about them even before they arrive at your hotel by establishing a post-booking connection. This way you can find out if they have any special requests, dietary restrictions or if they're traveling with children. Continue the communication when they arrive and offer thoughtful services such as extra pillows or dinner reservations. This is a great way to show your commitment to customer service and reinforce you hospitality reputation.

3. Be Proactive

Empathize with your guests and try to be two steps ahead of their needs. Try to control a situation beforehand rather than responding to it after it has happened. If a guest has stayed with you before, you can use that information for their future experience. If they had an issue during their previous stay, this gives you an opportunity to make up for it and extending your services to giving them some upgrades.

4. Go Above and Beyond

With a little ingenuity and effort, you can show customers they are important at any time. Check in with your guests every now and then, help them organize their itinerary, ask them if they would like wake-up calls, arrange transfers for them to and from popular tourist destinations. Going above and beyond doesn't always mean offering deep discounts or giving away products and free accommodations.

Hotels face constant changing guest behaviors, preferences, and expectations. Properties that are able to deliver a memorable experience through unique amenities, personal touches, and stellar customer service will be rewarded with repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and positive feedback.

Could your hotel use some more positive reviews but are you not sure where to start? We'd be happy to chat with you about ways to make that happen.