How To Create Engaging Holiday Content For Your Hotel

How To Create Engaging Holiday Content For Your Hotel

'tis the season to generate interesting content!

Christmas and New Year's are huge events that bring in a rush of festivities and celebrations. With that, it also brings a season of change and season of great opportunities to generate interesting content for your hotel's website. 

1. Decorate

An enormous factor for getting people into the holiday spirit is decorating your space with the appropriate ornaments for the season. Make sure you create a festive atmosphere for your guests that is so warm and beautiful that they feel compelled to share it on social media. Don't be afraid to go overboard with the Christmas decors, decorate more than just the lobby and add holiday touches wherever you can.

2. Update your photos

Christmas time means time to update your content photos to something more appropriate for the season. Capture your hotel's festive feel with professionally taken photographs and use this for your holiday campaigns.

Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words, so investing in great and festive photographs can largely help in improving your content.

3. Switch up the menu

In addition to updating your photos, creating a special holiday menu is also a great source of new content as well as a great marketing strategy for Christmas promos and packages.

Include traditional Christmas dishes in your menu to infuse the culture of your hotel's location to the holidays.

4. Let your guests know

Social media is an amazing and effective marketing tool. Every step of these small changes should be shared and updated on your hotel's social media pages to let your guests across the globe know that you’re getting into the holiday spirit and that you have a lot to offer for the season.

With these tips, proper preparation, and a little help from an experienced digital marketing agency such as BookingSuccess, your content is sure to be consistent, relevant and engaging.