How to Choose the Right Keywords for Better Ranking

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Better Ranking

Appearing on the first page of Google search results is a top goal for any hotelier. To achieve this you should understand the systems of hotel SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which embraces SEO techniques. Knowing your search engine marketing basics gives you knowledge and techniques on how to make your hotel website generally more visible on the internet.

Choose The Right Keywords

SEO or search engine optimization is essential in elevating your SEM. To succeed with SEO, you need to choose the right keywords. Keyword is actually a misnomer for this marketing strategy because, in order for you to stand out and succeed, the more accurate term is key phrase. The term keyword implies a single word, which is rarely the strategy that we employ when doing keyword research and selection in the service of SEO campaigns.

Choose Relevant Phrases

The phrases that you target should be highly relevant to the products or services that your hotel website provides. The more relevant phrases are, the easier and faster it will be to rank. For example, if you opt to use the keyword  "spa" to promote one of your amenities, from an organic SEO perspective, you are unlikely to rank highly for this term unless you are a huge, highly authoritative site or lucky enough to be, knowing that Google rewards keywords that match website addresses.

You will do well to go after more relevant and specific phrases such as ‘hotel spa’, ‘luxury therapeutic massage’, or ‘hotel wellness facility’. The competition on more specific terms is less fierce from an SEO perspective and these keywords or terms actually have a higher conversion rate.

Conduct Keyword Research

Target words or phrases that people are actively searching for by doing keyword studies. Go to Google and start typing a keyword. Google’s autofill feature will present you with a list of suggestions. Before you finish typing, you’ll see phrases that pop up as most relevant (and the occasional, ridiculous results). Start here before getting into more advanced forms of keyword research. Make sure these phrases are related to your website's content. Think of what you would type in the search bar if you were searching for your own services.

Conducting keyword research also allows you to get a glimpse of how much competition you have. The more sites that rank for the keyword, the more difficult it will be for you to compete. You can improve your search engine optimization results by finding keywords with high relevancy and low competition.

Need assistance?

Selecting keywords is just one aspect of your search engine optimization campaign, but it is an important one. Your search engine optimization success depends on finding targeted keywords that have the right balance of search volume, relevancy and competition. Finding the right keywords will lead to finding the right group of individuals you want to focus your marketing efforts on. These are the people actively searching for targeted keywords or phrases, matching your offering. Ultimately, focusing your marketing efforts on these people will increase your conversions and profits.

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