How To Choose The Right Images For Your Hotel

How To Choose The Right Images For Your Hotel

With countless online resources made available every day, plus your hotel's own photo library, not to mention guest's photos of your property, how will you know which photos to exhibit on your marketing platforms? Photographs evoke emotion and tell a story, you want to make sure that you're accurately conveying what you mean. Here are some basic guidelines that could help you achieve the best hotel photos.


What makes a great photo is its composition. A lot of elements factor into this such as angle, lighting and the subject. Photos of your accommodations should show the entire room and how spacious it is, wide-angle shots are advisable while taking closer angles of fixtures and amenities to highlight the smaller details.

Choosing photos with an abundance of natural light have also been proven to invoke a bright and positive feeling with most people online. Good lighting also enhances the key features of your subject.

Target audience

Consider who you're trying to attract. If your ideal clientele consists of honeymooners, choose photos that showcase your hotel's restaurant or spa. Highlight room features that set the mood for intimacy. If you're attracting families with children, show photos of kid-friendly areas such as the pool or the garden.


High-quality images with a minimum of 2,000 pixels in width are of utter importance. Never upload grainy or blurry images that reduce the quality and credibility of service of your hotel. Remember that you're trying to make a great impression on people who have never seen your hotel in real life. These photos have to be high definition so that when potential guests see them, they feel like they're being transported to the hotel itself.


Let your audience visualize what their stay with you will be like depending on when they plan to book. Having a variety of images depending on the season will help ease their expectations. Show outdoor activities and watersports in the summer and in contrast, movie nights or nice dinners indoors for colder months. Letting them know that you have something to offer any time of the year makes your establishment more desirable to most audiences.

Photos play a large role in the impression your hotel makes on your potential guests. By being critical in your selection, you can create a good first impression and accurate expectations with your guests that help reinforce their booking decision.

Do you know which photos to share on your marketing platforms and which ones to trash? Feel free to contact us to talk about choosing the best images for your hotel website and social media platforms.