How Images Can Impact Your Guest's Booking Decisions

How Images Can Impact Your Guest's Booking Decisions

Consumers these days rely heavily on visuals to influence their buying decisions. In fact, a large percentage of consumers will patronize an establishment or product based on how they look in photos. Social media is now all about sharing curated images of memorable experiences.

1. Show Professional Photos

Having good imagery across all your platforms can convey your message faster and more effectively than any other form of content. These images should aim to evoke emotional reactions from your potential guests so having professional photos accurately showcasing your property is a key element. When consumers feel elated upon seeing your hotel room photos, they feel compelled to book.

2. Show Rooms With A View

A study from Expedia found that hotels which showcase a room with a view garners the most positive response in terms of booking success. Highlighting amenities such as these, assists guests in imagining themselves in this setting and gives them an idea of an experience to look forward to. Put yourself in the position of someone who works a 9-5 job in an office cubicle, surrounded by concrete structures who then has to commute in constant traffic to get home to another solid concrete apartment in the city. Knowing that their hotel stay will include big soft pillows, high thread count linen, air-conditioning and floor to ceiling windows with unhindered views of nature will definitely be a breath of fresh air.

3. Show Honest Photos

Honesty is a huge factor when choosing which images to present in your marketing platforms. Potential guests who have never been to your property will trust the images that you show them and will expect the photos to be accurate to what they see when they arrive in your hotel. Overly edited or distorted images which use heavy filters or fisheye lenses give potential guests a feeling of inauthenticity. The best way to get a good and honest photograph of your hotel booking images is to know which key features to highlight and take these from multiple angles.

4. Show Quality Photos

When you feature photos of your property, it is essential to remember that your hotel will be your potential guest's home away from home. They need to be assured that your establishment will have all their basic comforts. So aside from showing your hotel's unique features, it is also important to present good quality photos of the bathroom, closet space and secondary spaces such as the terrace or hotel restaurant.

Your chosen hotel images are a very powerful element in positively influencing your guest's impressions and booking intent. As long as you keep in mind to accurately display and communicate which unique and desirable features your property is equipped with, you will be guaranteed a higher booking success rate.

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