How Good and Bad Reviews Can Affect Your Hotel’s Reputation

How Good and Bad Reviews Can Affect Your Hotel’s Reputation

How Good and Bad Reviews Can Affect Your Hotel’s Reputation

Reading online reviews have become a vital part of hotel selection. People who regularly travel like to figure out ways to maximize their experiences by researching hotels online. Part of the research involves reading guest reviews.

A hotel’s online reputation holds a great value for travelers seeking to explore new destinations. Travelers check review sites and OTA platforms for not only the best deals, but to also get a broader perspective of your hotel. Travelers nowadays take into consideration what others are saying about your establishment before confirming the booking status.Opinions of previous recent guests strongly influence the minds of the potential guests, which is why a one-star or five-star rating on travel websites and social media often dictates the kind of revenue that can flow in for your hotel.

Pay Attention

Creating an amazing guest experience starts right from the time that your guests books your hotel. It is essential that your staff pays attention, gives personalized service and seeks feedback during the duration of their stay. This will give you enough time to manage any concerns the guest may have at real time. Pay attention, store a guests’ preferences for future use and exceed expectations every time. A happy guest will ensure others know about your property by posting photos or videos that indicate the guest satisfaction levels. These naturally turn into testimonials that speaks volumes about your property.

Take the negative reviews in a positive light

Not every guest will be a happy one. It's okay to get affected by the reviews you receive. The important thing to remember is that you can turn the situation in your favour with a response that addresses the issue correctly and professionally. Be calm, be polite, understand what your customer says and demonstrate how far you would go to ensure the problem is resolved. As you respond, there’ll be many other concerned travelers who will read and notice your approach. This shows your professional attitude that will help build trust and connect with your target group.

Enhance personalization

Travelers have multiple ways to research hotels before deciding on booking. Online reviews have become crucial in helping people make booking decisions. Positive reviews influence bookings as well as raise expectations on higher room rates. The best way for hotels to improve bookings is to enhance personalization, which can lead to better reviews. Having a good reputation for your hotel will have a direct impact on your hotel occupancy levels in the long run. With the help of technology, you can leverage online reviews to increase business, boost your ratings and stay ahead of your competition.