Creating Personal Experiences: 5 Simple Ways To Make Guests Feel Like Royalty

Creating Personal Experiences: 5 Simple Ways To Make Guests Feel Like Royalty

Customer service is one of the most important factors in the hospitality industry. Nothing creates loyalty and keeps guests coming back more than when you've made them feel special.

Hotels don't need to be lavish five-star accommodations in order to make their guests feel like royalty. In fact, with the recent influx of young adult travelers, surveys show that most guests prefer small, cozy, efficient and personal experiences when it comes to billeting.

Here are our five simple ways to create top-notch guest satisfaction.

1. Make sure every guest feels like a VIP

Train your staff to give equal treatment to every guest who enters your establishment. Whether you're accommodating a huge celebrity or someone who booked through a 50% off promo, the quality of service must always be consistent and efficient. 

2. Pay attention to the little things

It's the little things that can make or break a hotel stay. The texture of your linens, the wattage of your light bulbs, the strength of your wifi and the welcoming smile at reception. These little details matter and combine to create an overall experience that can either be positive or negative. Remember to always put yourself in the position of your guests.

3. Upgrade the customer experience

Make your guest's stay in your hotel as comfortable as possible. Offer amenities such as in-room wifi, free breakfast with delicious high-end coffee, and maybe even a free massage for guests staying five days or longer. It doesn't take much to make a guest feel special, as long as you make sure that the quality of your hotel's freebies are as good as what they would get if they paid extra.

4. Personalized customer service

Train your staff to get to know the guests even before they set foot on your hotel's property. Send a quick email to find out what they like and don’t like, or if they have any food preferences. Even if it seems like a small thing, responding to a special request can make a world of difference. Especially to someone who has traveled hours to get to your hotel. 

5. Create a caring environment for your guests

Make sure your hotel has provisions for wheelchair-accessible taxi service, diaper-changing facilities, kid-friendly activities, attraction suggestions, and multilingual staff to let guests know they are valued and cared for. This inclusivity also shows that your establishment doesn’t just cater to guests of a certain mold. 

Hospitality largely has a lot to do with relationships. Creating quality relationships with your guests, making sure their needs and expectations are met, and ensuring that they are heard and cared for, builds a foundation of trust and loyalty. Booking Success can help you to further define your hotel's audience and learn how to create guest experiences that surpass expectations, click here to request a demo.