Booking Success goes Denver: USUMMIT 2019

Booking Success goes Denver: USUMMIT 2019

Booking Success goes Denver: USUMMIT 2019

From October 24-26, the annual USUMMIT took place in beautiful Denver, Colorado ― and Booking Success was there. This annual summit aims to bring digital agency entrepreneurs from across the world together to learn from insightful speakers, productive workshops, and valuable networking.

From Curaçao to Colorado

On Tuesday, October 22nd, we traveled from Curaçao to Colorado, feeling excited for the keynote speakers and networking opportunities that awaited us. We had been looking forward to it since we signed up weeks ago, and we knew it would be a great experience.

The summit took place at the Grand Hyatt at Welton Street, a comfortable hotel conveniently located in downtown Denver. Here attendees participated in three days of speeches, panels, networking and workshops focused exclusively on digital marketing and web design.

Booking Success has previously attended the summit in 2018 and we gained so much from the experience that we decided to return this year.

Connections were made and networks were created

Not only were we kept busy between speakers such as Brent Weaver, Ruben Gonzales, and Blair Enns, we were also able to discuss cases and share knowledge with like-minded professionals and influential entrepreneurs. Connections were made and networks were created.

“The conference was well organized and the keynote lectures were very informative. It was an interesting and beneficial experience to attend the USUMMIT this year. I was able to discuss valuable and exciting topics and breakthroughs with professionals from around the world. I’m bringing back wonderful memories, productive discussions and exciting ideas for future work.” - Alexander Galarraga, CEO at Booking Success.

All in all, the summit offered a great platform for entrepreneurs to learn from each others best practices. USUMMIT, see you in 2020!