5 Tips to Attract Travelers to Your Hotel this Easter Break

5 Tips to Attract Travelers to Your Hotel this Easter Break

The holidays are always a strategic time for hoteliers to garner more sales and make a better profit. An estimated 80% of all Americans are said to celebrate Easter. So as the snow starts to melt and the first signs of spring start to appear, people will be looking for the next place they can spend this holiday.

In this article, we're giving you tips on what your hotel can do to not waste this holiday opportunity and attract more guests. 

1. Create promos and packages

Creating a special Easter package will help you capitalize on the holiday. You can create special promos that combine events and a minimum number of nights and give special discounts to guests. You can also create packages that include free breakfasts that highlight food that’s in line with the Easter theme.

2. Host events

Easter is a family holiday, so when you're creating an event for your hotel, make sure that this includes activities for everyone in the family. Easter egg hunts, fancy brunch, and organized family picnics are great events to host during this season for your guests.

3. Flash sales

Flash sales are a great way to sell rooms and filling up your occupancy at the last minute. You can opt to give discounted rates on the week of Easter or create last-minute deals to be able to fill up the few empty rooms.

4. Create social media buzz

Create a social media campaign that makes gust anticipate what your hotel has to offer for Easter.Countdowns and strategic posting will help create a buzz and make potential guests curious about what your hotel is cooking up.

5. Create landing page

Holidays such as Easter are the ideal time to create a special landing page for your hotel. Landing pages help you convert your marketing efforts into profitable direct bookings. On this landing page you can post more information about any special events your hotel might be hosting, Easter specials and packages that you are offering, and information on how to book a room.

Bonus Tip: Decorate

It might not necessarily attract guests to your hotel, but decorating your hotel will for sure put those staying with you in the Easter spirit. You can spruce up your hotel by getting festive and decorating for Easter; fresh spring flowers, painted eggs in a basket, complimentary chocolates, etcetera. Once your guests are in the holiday mood, they are more likely to spend their money on events, meals, and even room upgrades.

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5 Tips How To Attract Travelers To Your Hotel this Easter Break